A sale of rare sample, proof & prototype Gaming Tokens

Marlow Casino Chips is pleased to announce the continuing sale, on consignment, of this important and valuable collection of Gaming Tokens, including many unique items, on a piece by piece basis.  There will be some 1,600 tokens offered here, and from time to time on ebay and elsewhere.  A shopping cart has now been added.  If you wish to purchase by other means please email me.  ALL PRICES include shipping/insurance (where appropriate).

Note - in cases where items described as prototypes exactly match issued designs, they are the first examples ever made from the dies, struck always by hand.  All 'proof' items are likewise struck, albeit often using different materials to the issued tokens.

The tokens shown below are available at the prices marked + shipping at actual cost from the UK.  Please order by email for any of these.  Again, these are all in superb condition (where applicable).